What is Archival Gold®?

Archival Gold is a family of archival storage products used for safely recording and storing important digital data for long periods of time.  It is the only storage medium that is uneditable, unerasable, traceable by lot and production line, and 100% guaranteed to safely store digital information for up to 300 years.

Why is Archival Gold® media more reliable than other storage mediums?

Traditional recordable media utilizes a combination of silver (to reflect) and an azo or cyanine dye (to hold data) in order to achieve its recording layer.  Over time, both of these layers tend to degrade (often called disc rot), resulting in a loss of data.  Disc rot is accelerated by heat, light and humidity but can also be attributed to cheap materials or inferior production processes in many cases.  Archival Gold utilizes the inert qualities of 24 karat gold and a patented dye layer, along with carefully controlled manufacturing processes to prevent the corrosion that causes data degradation in traditional media

How are longevity ratings obtained?

International testing standards dictate specific temperature and humidity levels that optical discs are subjected to inside of an accelerated aging chamber.  Discs are placed into the chamber, and periodically removed to find out if they are capable of successful data writing and playback.  Results are charted on an accelerated aging graph and compared among multiple production lots and machines to obtain an accurate longevity rating.  Every optical disc regardless of disc format, materials or manufacturing method is tested using the same set of standards.

What formats and options are available?

Archival Gold is available in CD-R, DVD-R, BD-R and CD-R SiX.  These formats vary by capacity, materials used and longevity rating; all are significantly longer lasting than their traditional media counterparts.  Each of these can be purchased with an optional inkjet or thermal printable surface (standard or full-hub printable available) or with an added ScratchArmor protective layer.  We are happy to custom silk-screen any of these discs at our facility if purchasing quantities over one thousand pieces.

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